I believe Humans are the most important and precious resource in this world, that we are all meant to realize something great, and most of the time we are more afraid of what we could achieve, than what we could not.

I am convinced we all have the resources in us to achieve what we want in life and I know coaching people contributes to make a better world : people at the right place, doing the right thing.

Individual Coaching


As an executive coach I lead top managers and company owners to success by developing their self-potential and making them more efficient running their teams and business.

As a trainer, I want to pass on my passion and expertise in interpersonal communication, one to one interaction, one to few interventions and of course public speaking.

team coaching


Empathy :  Open ears, open mind, open heart.

Optimism : I have faith in Humanity and its ability to achieve anything.

Excellence : Whatever I do, I always give the very best.


About Noella

Noella Vincent is an executive coach, founder of Coach Your Ambitions. Noella has been coaching executives, team leaders and entrepreneurs for over five years in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and now in the U.S.  She is highly recommended for her individual coaching talents by managers from Danone Group LTD, Mars, and entrepreneurs in France and Miami. Noella is also a highly active member of FrenchFounders, by mentoring, offering training and leading on and offline conferences about leadership and management.

Noella’s business career of over twenty years conducting surveys, building marketing strategy and her international experience make her unique as a coach.  She knows how to combine tools, build specific approaches and to truly listen to her clients in order to meet their needs.  Noella is an entrepreneur : she has created three successful companies in France, in Germany and is now in the U.S.  Noella has a strong academic background: a business school graduate, she also has a degree in psychology and coaching certification. In addition, she is a NLP master practitioner (IFPNL PARIS), and a skilled hypnosis Master.  Each year Noella undertakes a new study program to enrich her coaching toolkit, and she has been part of the French NLP teaching program for the past 2 years. She is comfortable in a multicultural environment and versed in accompanying transition phases. Noella has lived in France and Germany, worked in Amsterdam and is now in Florida.
Noella is able to coach in French and in English and as she likes to say, she can accommodate “all ambitions’’.

Her specialty has been working with team leaders and managers from fast-moving consumer goods as well as business owner to help them in their leadership and management postures.  Noella is also strong in communication and public speaking coaching for individuals and teams.